Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Movie Theaters Are Overrun by Riffraff

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Movie Theaters Are Overrun by Riffraff

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Your awful movie experience at Orange Park 24 comes as no surprise. Orange Park has become much like Regency five years ago. Parents treat malls and movie theaters as low cost baby-sitting alternatives. They drop [their children] off at the mall with $30 or so. The offspring can wander the mall aimlessly in large clusters (the kind you dare not walk through or say "excuse me" to) and see a movie or two. Riffraff view movie tickets as a movie buffet (free to change theaters for one low price).

Regency was the theater of choice five years ago, but became overrun by riffraff. Regency has since gotten the message and now has numerous police officers as a deterrent and to enforce the curfew for unaccompanied minors.

Eventually, the market (you and I) will stop going to Orange Park 24. As ticket sales fall, O.P. will get the message and beef up its security personnel and enforce curfew.


I have long thought Harry Shorstein woefully unqualified for the job he holds. As an appointee subsequently kept in office by an apathetic public, he has been allowed to skate by at his position. I have noticed that the only time one sees him prosecute a case is if two criteria are met: 1) It has to be sensational enough to garner plenty of publicity. 2) It has to be a slam dunk.

I posit this because why else would he be so shallow as to fire Angela Corey, the only person more qualified than himself for that job? And now, he wants to disallow Chad Heins his freedom because of his own mistakes. I have never heard of a single case not being dismissed by a judge once DNA evidence has cast doubt upon a previous conviction.

Sadly, Harry has finally crossed the line for good in embracing his own political agenda. It is time for him to go.


During the past month, there have been several rants concerning bikers and their use of the roads.

Just to enlighten all you aggressive drivers out there, State Statute 316.2065 gives cyclists all the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any type of vehicle. It states that the rider under age 16 must wear a helmet. Also, the rider shall ride as close as practicable to the right edge of the roadway. Cyclists may ride two abreast as long as they don't impede traffic. A cyclist intending to make a left turn is entitled to full use of the turn lane.

So for the writer who felt the bike rider deserved to be hit in the butt by someone's mirror, you are in violation of the law. I have ridden with a group for years and am amazed how many drivers feel that they are entitled to the whole road and attempt to force us off it into the ditch, throw objects at us as they pass, yell obscenities and lean on horns behind us. We are entitled to the road as much as you.


I want to give an "atta boy" to the Times-Union for printing the list of charities and how to contact them throughout the holidays. I give even greater credit to all the millions of people who contribute their hard-earned money to all these worthy causes. I often wonder how many billions of dollars are collected by these various organizations for humanitarian aid. I defy anyone to show me another country whose people are as generous to others as we are here in the United States.


Why in the world would the Times-Union run the headline of President Ford's death and have a picture and a story of the tyrant Saddam Hussein's death sentence alongside? Does the editor of the paper think those two stories are equivalent? …

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