Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Take a Trip Down Dead-Body Row; PREVIEW

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Take a Trip Down Dead-Body Row; PREVIEW

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9pm, Five

SO JUST when we were about to accuse CSI of dabbling its severed toes in the pool marked "formulaic", the show goes and offers us a completely new take on the dead-body examination scenario. The corpses themselves, lined up in the morgue, sit up and discuss how they died.

This does sound completely barking, we'll admit. But it works because the talking cadavers are really just a different way of introducing the week's stories and the morgue scenes do not distract from the actual forensic activity.

First up, Donna, an off-duty policewoman acting as a bodyguard is found murdered in one of Vegas's myriad casino-hotels. Next to her on dead-body row is Rebecca, who fell down a cliff while out hiking with her geeky husband and the manner of whose death gives a whole new, unpleasantly obvious meaning to the phrase "no-brainer".

Those two crime scenes alone would normally be sufficient for a CSI tale (potentially even a two-parter), but we also get a car crash, a stabbing and some unpleasant business with a chainsaw.

In a way, it's a shame that so much is squeezed into tonight's story, when one of CSI's strengths is the way background is normally added to each case.

Also, the plethora of bodies means we barely get to catch up with the coppers themselves (and after what happened to Catherine last week, you'd think we would want to).

But as a one-off twist, it makes an entertaining, if gruesome, change.

Shameless 10pm, Channel 4

IT'S ALL about sex in tonight's episode of the Manc comedy-drama, with Debbie under pressure from her abhorrent mum to get herself a boyfriend (and, if she follows her mother's advice to the letter, a baby and a council flat) and Ian discovering a new mate in a truly unexpected location.

Over at the Jockey, Jamie and Karen pretend to be a married couple - which surely wouldn't be a reason for them to really get engaged, would it? Not only do we like Karen's stroppiness as a single girl, but getting involved with the revolting Maguires means the family will be on screen even more. …

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