Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Issue Shows State of Leadership

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Issue Shows State of Leadership

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Byline: Larry Williams

Leadership is easily defined, but tough to execute. Webster's dictionary defines leadership as the office or position of a leader and a leader is a person who has commanding authority or a power to affect persons or events.

The last several weeks have given all of us in Nassau County a front-row seat to real demonstrations of leadership. A closer look at the last few meetings of the County Commission reveals more than mere fodder for the local news reporters. It has given us a clear window into what may prove to be a real change in the way this county is governed.

It's not hard to figure out the issue I am referring to. The time the county commissioners have spent recently dealing with County Administrator Mike Mahaney has provided a great deal of consternation and hand-wringing from both sides of the issue. It seems everyone has a dog in this fight.

It has been a long time since we have seen this much rhetoric thrown around. Supporters and detractors both have come out in force to express their views, and some of these expressions have gotten downright testy, and that's not all bad. Passion is a rare commodity these days, and we could use more of it in other issues affecting our quality of life. However today's topic is leadership, so let me focus on that.

Our two most-recent county commissioners have been thrown headlong into a hornet's nest, but don't feel sorry for either of them. It's a choice they made. They both campaigned on the issue of change long before the November elections, so they knew what they were getting into. Commissioners Mike Boyle and Barry Holloway were clear in their positions during their campaign. Both of them unequivocally declared their lack of confidence in the way the county government was being administered, and they made no bones about stating they would do whatever they could to change the way county government was run, should they get elected. Well, they got elected, and now they are carrying out those campaign promises.

There have been numerous letters to the editor and editorial pieces both in this publication and others, and the majority of the opinions expressed have maligned Commissioners Boyle and Holloway, as well as Commissioner Marianne Marshall. …

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