Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Malingering Mom Needs a Wake-Up Call

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Malingering Mom Needs a Wake-Up Call

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I just about choked when I read the rant "Workers, moms get shaft."

The writer, apparently from experience, claims that under law "your employer can fire you at will." Well, duh! Employers don't fire a productive employee; in fact, they give them something called a "raise." It's expensive to search, hire, train and keep happy a good employee. If the writer tried to be productive and contribute to her employer, she might still have her job. Her whining probably didn't help her "short time" marriage either.

She does have the welfare thing figured out (what a shocker) and also complains about Medicare. She should be on her knees thanking the country for Medicare. Yes, she'll "probably have to work" to support herself and the poor kid she raises. She should have a serious look in the mirror and a long talk with herself.


To those who say they shouldn't pay school taxes if they don't have kids in school, I offer these thoughts. When you were being schooled, there were plenty of taxpayers then who didn't have kids in school but paid school tax. So it's OK for you to be educated by people without kids in school? Everyone benefits from education - everyone.


Shame on our elected officials in Neptune Beach. They allow "the big bad wolf of retail," yes, Wal-Mart, to buy their way into Neptune Beach. I would strongly suggest, before any ground is broken, for someone to check and see who was paid off to let them in. Something is horribly wrong here.


Can anyone explain why children and adults from South Africa, with limited resources and education, speak English cleaner and more distinctly, free of shortcuts and slang, than the "African-Americans" here in the U.S.? On Oprah's special on her leadership academy in South Africa, not once did I hear "What it is" or "What it be," and nobody wanted to "ax" Oprah a question.


I went to the MOB, Mayor's Old Buddies, meeting. They gave us a nice lunch. My problem was that when everyone was leaving, they took the flowerpots with flowers in them off the table. One man was taking them and I got on to him. He wagged his finger at me. It's funny, but it isn't funny. I can't stand stealing. One guy I saw unzipped his jacket, stuck it in there and zipped it up. I just didn't think it was right. It was a decoration. They didn't say you can take it.


Recently, Sheriff John Rutherford said that most crime is being committed by the blacks on the Northside. When it comes to election time, we should remember this sheriff who said things like that, and that we know all the time that we aren't getting the equal treatment we deserve. We are taxpayers who pay his salary for protection, not to be shot down trying to protect our property. …

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