Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Boo-Boys' Downer on Downing-

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Boo-Boys' Downer on Downing-

Article excerpt

Vic said: "The Twe12th Man's giant new flags in the club's colours were waving out semaphore messages of support before the United game. They should have been spelling out "Downing you useless get," because despite both Ronaldo and referee Rob Styles being roundly booed, talking to some people after the game it seems that our homegrown wing wizard turned scapegoat was the villain of the piece."


"Maybe the anti-Downing brigade would be happy if he was providing the same service for Spurs or Man U. Without his input this year we'd be below where Watford are now."

Comment posted by John Powls

"Downing has been hyped up way too much and for way too long. He is a good player, but there needs to be less hero worshiping and man of the match bottles of fizz given to him just because he is a local lad."

Posted by Tony Black

"All players have good and bad games but Downing gets extra 'stick' because he is local."

Posted by Never Happy

"I despair of the so-called fans who get on a class player's back and accuse him of not defending or not being committed. They are the ones that should be committed! Years ago the chicken run used to abuse David Armstrong who was a classy player, the abuse got so bad he left."

Posted by Nigel

"Downing couldn't lace Spike's boots and is rightly criticised for wasting his obvious talent, his attitude is not what it should be. He needs to be more positive, he passes the ball back too much, and won't get stuck in... accusations you could not direct at his opposite numbers on the Man Utd team."

Posted by Derek

VIC SAID: "The Riverside crowd is paunchy, greying and getting a little bit grumpy. Whereas once football used to be a young man's game the demographic profile is now dominated by 40-somethings. The young zealots who once refreshed the passion and cut their teeth on the Holgate have been priced out and left without seats by an ageing Red Book army who are cosy and dug in for the duration. …

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