Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Son Is Getting Aggressive

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Son Is Getting Aggressive

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My two-year-old son started a playgroup in January and is really enjoying the freedom and making new friends but I am very concerned that his behaviour has suddenly become very aggressive and violent. He has started to hit, bite and slap other children and myself, which he has never done before and I'm worried he is picking this behaviour up at the playgroup. Could he be learning this from other children?

AAS your son is two years old he is beginning to learn new tricks, behaviours and ways of getting what he wants from a huge range of sources.

Behaviour within toddlers is extremely varying at this age, and can almost change from day to day.

There are many factors that can have an impact on your son's behaviour, his undeveloped language skills, frustration at not being understood, being angry about not getting his way but too young to understand reasoning, the fact that no one else features in their world just yet, only them and their wants, and the fact that they want to be into everything, whether it is safe or not, and can't yet understand the word no.

It is great to hear that your son has settled well into his new found freedom. It is wonderful that he has the skills and confidence to be able to stay and play away from his parents and start his long journey in social skills.

Most two-year-olds tend to play alongside other children of a similar age, they do not usually learn to play 'with' other children until they are around three years old.

This can lead to a number of frustrations, usually around sharing toys and playing nicely alongside each other.

Within playgroups this can be the biggest area of conflict because they need to learn to share, take turns and not get everything they want, including toys which other children are playing with.

Frustration and temper tantrums can lead to challenging behaviours like lashing out, biting, hitting and tears.

The staff within your playgroup will be able to inform you how well your son is getting on within the group and whether there are other children who are 'biters' or 'hitters'.

Every playgroup also has a behaviour policy and the staff will be happy to go through this with you. …

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