Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

We Are Not All to Blame for Slavery

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

We Are Not All to Blame for Slavery

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The current commemoration of the ending of the slave trade concentrates on the black African. It leaves out the fact that 30,000 to 100,000 Irish men, women and children were sold into slavery during the reign of Elizabeth I and continued through to Cromwell, whose actions in Ireland amounted to nothing short of a genocide.

The fact they were white and referred to as "white Negroes" and Catholic, a religion particularly hated by the English establishment, is, I suppose, not worthy of commemoration.

We are not all to blame for slavery. One of my ancestors was in a workhouse ( the same can be said for many English working-class people ( and therefore did not participate in, contribute to, or gain from slavery.

The working classes of this country should not be expected to apologise for something they themselves experienced to a lesser degree ( dangerous working conditions, child labour, industrial disease, abject poverty and consequent homelessness. Low wages, discrimination on the grounds of disability and being female is still an issue today.

We still have at least 10 million people in this country living in poverty. Many are English working class. I notice there has never been a church service for them, and probably never will be.

C HENDERSON, Burnham Avenue, West Denton Park, Newcastle.

Get tough on fly-tipping

NEWCASTLE is in the grip of a fly-tipping plague and Lib Dem council bosses need to take radical and urgent action to bring it under control.

According to recently-released figures by pressure group The Countryside Alliance, Newcastle is the 10th worst area for fly-tipping, with a staggering 18,244 incidents a year.

Much of it is junk dumped by money-making waste cowboys who make a fast buck by unlawfully disposing of large amounts of refuse. The remainder is black bags full of domestic rubbish, often dumped in alleys, behind shops or in green spaces.

Yet, despite tough new laws brought in by the Government last year, few people seem to be prosecuted.

Last year, according to the council's own figures, a derisory 75 people were done for fly-tipping.

This is far too few, given the size of the problem throughout the city.

Coming down hard on those who fly-tip is the way forward if we are serious about creating a clean, green and tidy city.

COUN STEPHEN LAMBERT, Labour, Kenton Ward.

This MP will be a disaster

MAY I refer to Peter Young's article (Chronicle, March 28) on Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East and Wallsend?

Mr Brown says he does not want to be considered for anything to do with agriculture if given a job when Gordon Brown takes over as PM.

Let me give some facts about Nick Brown's record. The fiasco on the French beef issue. His six weeks when he had the foot and mouth issue under control, it went on for over a year. …

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