Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Rising Cost of Red Tape!

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Rising Cost of Red Tape!

Article excerpt

Byline: By Steve Hughes

For me the most interesting story of the last few days is the one about the poor woman with two replacement knees whose binmen refused to empty her bin because she was unable to haul it far enough to the edge of the pavement.

She dragged it to within 12 inches of the road but could not manage to push it one more inch so the refuse collectors just left it there as she watched helplessly.

When questioned by the press their manager pointed out that it was not their job to move it across the pavement because there were health and safety issues involved.

If the pavement was not maintained properly and they tripped up then they could sue not only the council for negligence but also the refuse department for endangering them at work ( possibly being compensated with enough dosh to retire to the Bahamas.

You could be forgiven for mistakenly believing that the householder paid her taxes to have this service carried out but apparently not so.

Same applies to the police who now say that anyone who wants to have their stolen car fingerprinted in the unlikely event of it being recovered will have to pay them pounds 105 for the privilege.

They must be allowed to arrange the vehicle's collection and storage at a garage or depot of their choice for which the victim must pay.

If the victim refuses or can not afford to pay then the police will make no attempt to catch the thieves, in which case the insurance company will refuse to honour any claims for restitution or compensation.

This latest example of the legalised robbery of motorists comes in the same week that the Government announces plans to fit all cars with spying, monitoring and tracking equipment for the purpose of more revenue raising. Almost two million motorists have so far protested about the impending introduction of tolls to use the roads for which they already pay a road fund licence. …

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