The Route to a Career in Teaching

Article excerpt

If teaching is your career goal, then you'll need a degree. First, however, you will need to have the equivalent of at least a C in GCSE maths and English.

If you want to teach in a primary school or up to GCSE level in a secondary school, you will also need the equivalent of at least a C in a science subject. These are needed to teach and are in addition to any entry requirements for your degree course.

There are two basic ways to achieve a degree and then go into teaching:

Postgraduate routes ( You can take a degree related to the subject you want to teach and then a postgraduate teacher training course (such as a PGCE).

Undergraduate routes ( You can take a degree that includes Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) ( the qualification needed to teach in a state school ( such as a bachelor of education (BEd) or a BA or BSc with QTS.

A BSc or BA with QTS are typical honours degrees that also incorporate teacher training. As such, they include school-based training along with the typical lectures and seminars and commonly last for four years. Because they lead to QTS, you must study a National Curriculum subject. …


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