Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

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Embarrassing Illnesses 8.30pm, Channel 4

Lovers of digital-telly lifestyle channels might recall a series on UKTV Style called Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses, in which sufferers of diseases that don't exactly encourage social interaction went off to a sunshine retreat in which they discussed diet and detox and generally got better.

This look at embarrassing afflictions perhaps lacks the travel budget (the programme's special clinic is in Birmingham), but certainly isn't backward in coming forward when showing us bodies and bodily functions.

Within five minutes we've seen cheesy feet and a close-up of haemorrhoids up a man's bottom, and later on during tonight's first show, we also see a rugby team's dangly bits and listen into a lady's gassy stomach.

Three doctors

Dawn Harper, Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna(together above) talk to patients and offer advice on their conditions, but where they deviate from established tellylifestyle advisers is that they are not bossy, condescending or keener on being the centre of attention than the subjects.

Hang on, that's not right; these early-evening lifestyle programmes are normally all about the presenter. It's almost as if Channel 4 is actually trying to offer advice, rather than promote the career of some self-styled expert. Surely this kind of behaviour can't last..

Hustle 9pm, BBC1

OK, Mickey is sorely missed and Danny has all the leadership qualities of a bag of frozen peas, but we're learning to live with that, and tonight's episode of the slick con-artists show is a neatly told story in which we discover our gang of grifters might just have a sensitive side.


you know, the geezer who pulls the pints in our heroes' favourite, and perennially empty, bar

is in a bad way. His dad is stuck in a financially crippling nursing home run by a scheming wine buff (Patricia Hodge) with a sideline in flogging her residents' houses.

The team comes up with a ruse to

Channel 4 Five diddle her out of a few quid with a fabulous story in which Albert (Robert Vaughn) pretends to be an old fella with a home to sell, which just happens to be full of ludicrously expensive wine. …

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