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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Bloggers on have been abuzz lately about a potential boycott to force big oil companies to lower their prices. Here are some of the recent comments on, edited for space:


I have a plan to bring down gas prices. This plan will work if we the people join the effort. The price of gas is outrageous compared to the profits that the big five make ... If we were to come together and boycott one oil company, they would lower their price of fuel. When the boycotted oil company lowers their price to a reasonable rate, we the people will start using their fuel again. When the other four oil companies start losing customers due to the cheaper fuel of the once boycotted company, they will follow suit and lower their prices also.

Posted by user freespeech


Your plan certainly sounds feasible. I have seen it happen in the '60s and '70s. Gas used to be 39 cents a gallon, and in a couple of days of the gas wars between the stations I have seen the gas go down to 15 cents per gallon. All that it took was one station to lower their price and the other stations on the corner would lower theirs more. Boy those were the good old days.

Posted by winn1955


You can certainly count me among those disgusted and amazed at $3-plus a gallon, but, I don't know what to make of a boycott. I am afraid they (oil companies, auto companies) have us over a barrel. Not driving to work is not an option, therefore a long-term boycott of gas is not an option. I'll gladly participate in a one- or two-day boycott to demonstrate the "power" of the people, but eventually I have to have gas.

... A long-term solution is just that - long-term. More economical vehicles, more people willing to use mass transit, better mass transit options, alternative fuels, communities designed so that vehicle travel is not an absolute must to survive, etc. …

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