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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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From the Los Angeles Times:

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton (below), winner of the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday in Indianapolis, had raved about his diamond-studded helmet in last month's Monaco Grand Prix: "I'm blinged out. I got bling on my helmet. How cool is that?" Hamilton said to reporters.

Bling has already had a strong hold in the tennis world. Last summer at the U.S. Open, tennis writer Jerry Magee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, took note of Serena Williams' Asian-influenced outfit, saying she was inspired by "the Bling Dynasty."


One of the greatest sports debates of the modern era is ultimate fighting vs. boxing.

Ultimate fighting was called "America's fastest growing and most controversial sport" in the May 28 issue of Sports Illustrated.

Since UFC's emergence as a reality TV staple and pay-per-view darling, an argument has raged over whether UFC's nearly no-holds-barred style is the wave of the future or whether it's just a brutal free-for-all without boxing's skill and finesse. Perhaps the best way to settle the debate is to compare some of the two sports' similarities and differences.


-- The use of scantily clad women to tell fans what the next round is.

-- Usually accompanied by lots of blood.

-- Different weight classes.

-- A lot of trash-talking leading up to the fight.

-- Both make a lot of money from pay-per-view.

-- Pretty much everyone has a catchy nickname, such as Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather or Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell.

-- Fighters wear gloves (but not the same kind).


-- Big-name boxers make more money than big-name UFC fighters.

-- Boxing has storied history and legendary bouts; UFC, not so much.

-- Allowed in UFC: kicking, kneeing, wrestling, choking, throwing, sweeping and arm-twisting (fortunately, eye-gouging and biting are not acceptable -- anymore). Allowed in boxing: punching.

-- Boxers fight in a ring; UFC fighters in an octagon-shaped cage.

-- While boxing is known as the sweet science or a gentleman's sport, Sen. …

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