POPULAR CULTURE; Reverse the Pendulum

Article excerpt

How do you change a warped popular culture?

A popular culture that rewards the basest language.

A popular culture that ridicules religion; that praises the cynical over the devout.

A popular culture that presents women in the worst possible light, and dresses the young in sexually suggestive clothing.

A popular culture that shuns good works and glorifies the criminal as entertainment.

The downward trend moved from the "I don't give a damn" from Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind to the first use of the f-word in a movie, to the fact that PG-rated movies are considered box office poison.

The pendulum starting swinging faster in the overly permissive 1960s, though there was some validity in revolting against restrictions that stifled artistic expression.

But look where it has led us. Profanity as standard expression. Racial epithets as acceptable.

So how do you change it?

Mainstream media must take a leadership role.

Ebony magazine just did with its July edition titled "Who you callin' a ...: Ebony magazine engages Black America in an honest examination of race, language and the culture of disrespect. …


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