Newspaper article The Florida Times Union Has New Media Internship Positions

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union Has New Media Internship Positions

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College students looking for valuable work experience in The Florida Times-Union's New Media Department should give Tracy Collins a call (359-4096) or send an e-mail ( immediately. Although internship positions are unpaid, they are customized for each candidate's interests and feature flexible schedules and valuable work-related experiences. Students interested in sports, photography, video production, writing, Web design and graphics are welcome to apply.

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Marcus Eger

Lights, Camera, Action!

Transformers has been resurrected from our childhood memories and put on the silver screen, Eger says, and Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay did a very good job of it. And since talks for a second Transformers movie are under way, Eger says, Transformers could turn into a bigger series than X-Men or Spider-man.

Joanne Herrmann

The Incredible Integrity

of Cindy Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan has became one of the government's most vocal critics, Herrmann says, and her only credential is that her son was an American soldier killed in Iraq.

Andy Hefty

Don't Get Me Started

Democrats, want some advice? Want to gain more power? Trying standing for something. For the last 30 years, Hefty has heard only what Democrats are against. If Democrats tried choosing an issue and sticking with it, Hefty says, they would have more success than just opposing what Republicans are doing.

Doc Fabiano

Doc's Kitchen

After the weeks Fabiano and his wife spent in the backyard crafting their "deliberately designed stress-free environment," they can't even enjoy an afternoon drink on the deck without a bothersome new visitor - the yellow fly. It's nothing a nice meal (and one sharp-shooting brother-in-law) can't fix, Fabiano says.

Joey Farbo

Jagator Journal

Urban Meyer and his Gators have to get past this season, the dreaded rebuilding year, but Farbo thinks they can retain a top-10 ranking if they adopt the slogan that keeps programs like USC and Ohio State on top: "We don't rebuild, we reload. …

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