InFront; Company's Program Helps Clients, 'Paints,' Too MDI's Health Care Software Incorporates Artificial Intelligence

Article excerpt


Medical Development International, or MDI, which has found a niche in providing health care services to inmates, is using art to improve its 15-year-old business.

Techies at the Ponte Vedra Beach-based company have developed a program that generates high-resolution artwork that rivals even the best high-definition televisions in clarity.

"It's very, very clear," said Jason Green, MDI's head tech guy. "It's like you can almost reach in and touch things."

HDTVs typically produce images at 1,980 by 1,080 pixels; Green's software program renders the painting at 7,500 by 5,000 pixels.

MDI isn't selling Green's art, yet, but uses similar artificial intelligence software to better serve its clients. Artificial intelligence combines random behavior and structure that mimics the action or logic normally associated with human beings.

The algorithms and formulas that allow Green's computer to make subjective decisions while "painting" are the same that detect duplicate insurance claims and streamline health care management, he said.

"It's something we're proud of as a company, the value he [Green] has brought to the company," said Ted Willich, executive vice president of MDI.

"There's a lot of input that goes into health care. ... We integrate Jason's artificial intelligence to bring order to that process," Willich said.

Indeed, in June, the company announced the launch of a new software suite called EARL, or Empowered Analysis and Reporting Log. EARL allows health care providers to analyze their business and see such things as which of their offices are the most costly or which medical service is in most demand by their patients. …


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