Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

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Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

London Vox Pop

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Should we now withdraw our troops from Basra? this

YES The British troops are withdrawing to their airbase on Basra's outskirts.They can therefore no longer protect the civilian population. Either we launcha massive retaliatory strike against the combined Shia militiaspresumably an impossibility or it would have been done months agoor we accept that militarily we have been bested. Never reinforce failure.


NO Now that the US looks keen to hand over responsibility for aid andreconstruction in Iraq to the UN it is all the more important that Britishforces remain. We should try to use our expertise in peacekeeping under a newcommand to undo some of the damage caused by Bush and Blair's deludedinterventionist experiment.


YES What is even more shocking than the grim conditions our forces are facingin Basra is how inured we have become to the deaths of servicemen and civiliansafter four years of occupation. Let's recapture some of the passion we hadbefore the invasion to get the troops out before the situation gets any worse. …

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