Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

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Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

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London Live

Book now TENT LONDON 20-23 September, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1. [pounds sterling]7.50 inadvance, [pounds sterling]10 at the door. Want to find the coolest wallpaper or funkiest new chair?The duo who brought us design fair 100% Design have a new annual show, Tent. Bethe first to spot new British talent in furniture, lighting, products andmaterials. More than 300 of the best emerging and established designers will beexhibiting and you can expect to see a range of unusual and cutting-edgeproducts, as there is nothing ordinary about this show.

Hurry and book online now for a 25 per cent discount.


REASONTO BE CHEERFUL Vegetarians can eatMars bars again

Breakfast clubMY TEA SHOP, LONDON BRIDGE 3 Duke Street Hill, SE1I've always believed that honesty is a symptom of confidence, and everythingabout My Tea Shop screams out "I've got nothing to hide!". Anywhere that servesOJ (no ice) straight out of a Sainsbury's container in front of you deservesrespect for its blatant lack of pretence. Likewise, their counter menu, printedstraight off the Excel preview screen, was informative and easy on the eyes ofsomeone conditioned to Microsoft Office. I look outside to see a range ofadvertisements pass by on buses and T-shirts and wonder where we all went wrongwith all the fancy lines and colours and so forth. My Tea Shop is more than arestaurant. It's a deprogramming environment.

Within five minutes, two plates of chips, tomato, bacon and egg steam forthonto the table. The bacon is crisp, the egg not too runny and not too hard, thechips fluffy and the tomato bountiful. That all this cost [pounds sterling]8 for two makes thePlayStation 3 seem even more overpriced. You can realise your dreams at My TeaShop, just not ones that involve spinach.

But they've all been put there by celebrity chefs and doctors you don't trustanyway.


HERE'S A THOUGHT If Ken Livingstone emulates Paris's "freedom bike" scheme,maybe he could lower Tube fares to Metro levels too? …

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