Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

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Little Devil 9pm, ITV1

To ITV1's comedy-drama suburbs once more, but we're not back in the world ofLiza Tarbuck vehicle Bonkers. Little Devil is a lot less, er & bonkers,although it has the same preoccupations: sex, and talking about sex.

In fact, Little Devil is really about the relationship between two couples, andthe effect this has on their kids, particularly 10-year-old Ollie (JosephFriend).

Ollie has something of the Benfrom-EastEnders about him: annoying, seeminglyhelpless, but with a sharp, if slightly misguided, mind. (He likes breaking andsetting fire to things.) His parents, dependable Will (Robson Green) andfrustrated Laura (Maggie O'Neill, right, with Green and Friend), have anargumentative marriage, while

Will's best mate Adrian and his wife Katie have a show-off lifestyle.

Ollie, largely ignored by his mum and dadwho certainly do not moderate swearing or sexual conversations in front of himand his mate Zoe (Adrian and Katie's lass) suss out that all is not well intheir parents' marriages..

And then the poo hits the fan, as you might imagine.

Presenting the story primarily from the kids' point of view adds a twist to thefamiliarity of televised infidelity, and the lad playing Ollie is a decentlittle actor, but there's not quite enough here to keep us completely gripped..

Kitchen Criminals 6.30pm, BBC2

Filling the teatime slot also home to Masterchef (and maybe hoping to gain someof that programme's er & cult following) is a new series in which chefs JohnBurton Race and Angela Hartnett (together, below) try to prove that evencompletely rubbish cooks can master the craft of the kitchen.

First, Angela and John meet some of the north's worst cooks, from whom theywill choose a pair to attend "cookery boot camp". Each hopeful brings along anexample of their cooking, including tonight a "tuna bake" created usingpowdered spud, a tin of tuna and a kettle of boiling water. …

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