Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


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"To think that this pensio without her pension for her pensioner had to do five weeks it's another disgrace

REGARDING this pensioner, Miss Gray. To think she has had to do without her pension for five weeks.

It's another disgrace when others that are on the dole and claiming all these pensions that they are now allowed. After all, this woman has worked, the story tells us.

And yet they let her go without food for five weeks.

SB, Lobley Hill.

REGARDING Friday night's Chronicle, a Ietterfrom Sid of Cramiington. Ask him to make plans for his own cold weather payment, not for other people. What about the people who can't travel and the disabled who are housebound?

Does that mean filling in loads of forms to say that they can't travel? Tell him to get real and make plans for his own money.

GH, Scotswood.

I WOULD just like to say well said, JW, Leam Lane, Chronicle, August 11, on pensioners' bus passes.

I couldn't agree more with this man. Thank goodness someone can stand up and say this. We all know what is happening - pounds 30 a week bus fares out of your wages, it's an absolute disgrace.

It is also a disgrace that you can't get on a bus at 9.30am any morning. So thank goodness I start work at 9am otherwise I would never get to work either. Well said, JW Leam Lane, what a good man.

AN, Newcastle.

THE slaughter of 40 prize pigeons at a cree in Hartlepool has devastated the pensioner who has devoted his life to tending to his birds.

Only in a matter of minutes or so the lowest of the lowest scum has destroyed this man's lifelong (50 years) pigeon fancying.

This should be a warning to all fanciers that this is not an isolated case as there are heartless people in our midst who have no conscience and no concern for anybody or any animal or bird.

Pigeon fanciers should be in consultation with council officials to try and put a stop to this mindless vandalism which appears to be on the increase. …

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