Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Vine: Next Time I Will Step in to Stop Attack

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Vine: Next Time I Will Step in to Stop Attack

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BBC PRESENTER Jeremy Vine today joined the debate over whether tointervene against yobs as he told how he challenged a thug on a bus.

The Radio 2 host described how he came to the aid of a bus driver being abusedby a passenger.

But he admitted that in the past he had once watched a man being beaten up onthe Tube without intervening.

Writing on the BBC website's online magazine, he sparked debate about when tofight back.

Contributors to the website were split on whether people could or shouldattempt to take on criminals in the street.

Vine, who watched the attack on the Tube after returning from South Africaalmost a decade ago, told how he had taken on an abusive passenger on the busrecently. "I had an instance on the bus the other day when a passenger got on,and he was not of loutish aspect, I must admit, he was about 30, but he wascausing the driver trouble," he said.

"He was standing near the driver's window and the driver told him to move backand he refused. And the driver had to come out of his booth to point to thesign that says don't stand too near the driver's window.

In the end the troublemaker moved to the back of the bus and I was the firstperson he saw.

"And he said to me: 'Look I'm sorry as far as I was concerned I could standthere'.

"And I said: "The bus driver is a public servant and this is his bus.

Behave yourself." And as soon as I said that everybody else on the bus flew atthe guy, including this old woman who started shouting: "Get off the bus now,you get off!" I thought: "Wow, everyone was ready to say something, but it wasonly because he caught my eye and I said something that everyone joined in."Vine, who also presents Panorama on BBC1, said it was a stark contrast to hisprevious encounter with thugs. …

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