Jol Warns Club Sacking Him Could Spark Big Problems; Adamant: Martin Jol Says If Spurs Replace Him with a Manager Who Doesn't Speak Much English, They Could Have Similar Difficulties to Those They Experienced with Jacques Santini

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MARTIN JOL today warned Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy that he could end upwith another Jacques Santini if he replaces him as manager.

The Dutchman received a vote of confidence from Levy after Spurs officials werecaught meeting Sevilla coach Juande Ramos 11 days ago. It is believed thatJol's position at the club is still under threat and that Ramos remains high onthe wish-list, despite his initial decision to stay in Spain.

The need for Champions League football is paramount for Levy and the club havestarted with three defeats in their first four games, with tough matches atFulham and at home to Arsenal to come.

Ramos is highly rated among the Spurs board because he has won five trophies in15 months, but the last time Spurs went for a big-name foreign manager theyended up with former France coach Santini in 2004..

He was replaced by Jol, his assistant manager, after a miserable three monthsin charge.

Santini struggled with the English language and the style of football in thePremier League and Jol believes Tottenham could make the same mistake if theyget rid of him for someone like Ramos, who has limited knowledge of English.

He said: "If someone else wants to come to Spurs and can promise the board hecan get into the top four then good luck to him, but I think I have done a goodjob.

"If you go for top managers and they don't know the language you can have a bigproblem. Tottenham have experienced this before. It's hypothetical whethersomeone else can get the club in the top four quicker than me. People can saythat I have been negative when talking about getting in the top four, but Ihave a young team and the first lesson in psychology with young players is youhave to take the pressure off. …