Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

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Outnumbered BBC1So what if there's little that's blazingly new in Guy Jenkin and AndyHamilton's family sitcom? What it lacks in originality, it easily makes up forin every other department. Parents with small kids are going to be viewing this(the six episodes are spread out over this week and next) with their heads intheir hands, aching with embarassed laughter....

Just try watching Dad (Hugh Dennis, far right) as his son destroys thePinocchio metaphor he's wheeled out to stop him lying ("But the person wholooks after me isn't called Gepetto. And I don't live in a little hut in theforest...") without having a cringing chuckle. Or Mum (Claire Skinner, nearright) as her tweeny daughter explains what her paintings are of: "It's acow...

killing some people because it Outnumbered 10.35pm, BBC1 doesn't want to bemade into food. He's ripping their heads off and their arms and shooting themand..." The three kids are geniune finds (particularly the littlest one whodeadpans "Daddy, what's a hypocrite? Daddy, what's a twat?"), but it's Skinnerand Dennis who make it painfully funny. Neither needs a laugh track to sell agag as they ease smiles out of exchanges like: "He told his teacher I died inIraq!" "Yeah, but in a volcano. She was never going to believe it...".

Tribe 9pm, BBC2 Bruce Parry (below) strays away from his usual stomping groundsof jungles and deserts in order to spend time with the Nenet people of theSiberian tundra.

Togged up in head to toe furs, the Beeb's ever cheery, intrepid explorer findsout all about herding reindeer while desperately trying to keep warm as he digsinto a lifestyle that Russia's need to exploit the region's gas reserves couldsoon destory forever.

Amir Kahn's Angry Young Men 11.05pm, Channel 4 Channel 4 Five Hmm, using boxingto sort out troubled youths, eh? Never heard of that before& It may pedal afamiliar cliche, but at least this show gets it going at a fair lick. Britboxer Amir Kahn really does seem committed to helping these six teen thugs witha mixture of hard exercise and gentle muslim wisdom. Even if the show seemsmore concerned with who's going to fare best in the boxing match that wraps upthe series next week. …

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