Nokia Download Store to Take a Bite out of Apple; Chart Spot: Kate Nash Is No 5 with Foundations

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NOKIA today sparked a high street price war by announcing it is tolaunch a music download store.

It hopes to take on Apple's iTunes with the new service, to start in November.

Nokia will sell tracks for 79p, which will include one file playable on amobile phone and one for a PC.

Unlike Apple's store, customers will also be able to download and listen tomusic directly from their phone. It will initially offer two million tracks.

Today, the phone company said it was confident it could take on Apple, whichcontrols 80 per cent of the UK download market.

Downloads from Apple's store also cost 79p but only work on desktop computers,iPods or Apple's iPhone, which is expected to be launched here in November.

"The obvious competitor here is Apple," said Andrew Connell of Nokia. "But webelieve we can compete. We have 900 million devices out there which can playmusic and we believe by offering mobile and PC downloads for the same price wecan take Apple on directly." Nokia will today unveil a multi-million-poundadvertising campaign to promote the new service. It has signed up David Bowieto offer his recommendations on new music.

"This is really about educating consumers, millions of who already have an MP3player in their pocket," said Mr Connell. …


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