Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves an Act of Kindness from Chicken George

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves an Act of Kindness from Chicken George

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So much of what we hear today is negative news. You read so many scary stories, it makes you leery to trust anyone. And just when you start to think everyone is a bad guy, someone does something to make you remember that there are good people out there. Last Friday was my son's first birthday. We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few last-minute things. While in line, my husband told the cashier about my son's birthday. My son was busy smiling at the gentleman behind us.

The next thing I knew, the gentleman handed me $2 for my son. I told him it wasn't necessary and he said he knew that, but he wanted to. He said he goes by the nickname "Chicken George" and that I needed to tell my son that when he gets older if he ever sees Chicken George hobbling across the street to lend him a helping hand. Thank you, Chicken George, for reminding me that there is still a lot of good out there.


My rant is about the guy who posted the message "Pay our police better." What planet is this guy from? Where can you get a job with a clean uniform and an air-conditioned vehicle making $40,000 a year and no matter if he writes tickets or arrests somebody, you still get paid. Every time I've called them, it's been an hour, two hours, or they're busy on another call and I've hung up and canceled the call. I've had crime in my neighborhood. People need to realize, in Jacksonville, a gun in your hand is worth a lot more money than a cop on a phone.


I agree with the caller to bring back Call Box instead of Rants & Raves. Most people complain about something. Call Box helps people, especially the older readers who don't have a computer. I'm a reader for 50 years and subscribe to the paper. Call Box was always helpful in all kinds of questions. It would be a lot better.


In the paper, there was a recent expression of great surprise that Lad Daniels lost so handily, but there were several thousand voters in and around the former Baymeadows Golf Club who weren't surprised at all. And you can add to several hundred more, I'm sure, from the people who wanted the Navy returned to Cecil Field.


It was so interesting to see Mayor John Peyton at the forum Wednesday night at the Ritz Theatre. It was quite interesting to see that he didn't answer the real tough questions. A true politician. Mayor, I know you'll be there for the next four years, but this should be it.


If people think that Jacksonville is a big city, just try to catch a cab at the stadium after a Jaguars game. It's a cab-free zone. You can't get a cab; they won't come down there. There is no hack stand, which I'm sure befuddles the cab companies in this town. …

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