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Byline: Compiled by MARIE TURBILL and SARAH DALE

SHARON Dale of Yarm, is mum to Matthew, 18, and Ashley, 20. She also runs Yarm Childminding Group.

"ASK yourself is there a pattern to your daughter's aggression, is she seeking more of your attention, is she jealous since her brother came along, does it only happen when she is tired?

"You might find there is an easy solution.

"A five-year-old child can understand what is right and wrong but handling emotions for kids is tough.

"It sounds as though your daughter is still learning the proper way to express her needs and emotions. You can help by teaching her what she should do instead.

"Try talking to her and explain how her actions will hurt others. Calmly explain that violent behaviour is not acceptable. Constructive reaction can help children improve difficult behaviour.

"You send the wrong message if you smack.

"Removal of privileges is an effective way to make her realise there is a price to pay for bad behaviour.

"You could introduce behaviour charts rewarding her for her good behaviour.

"Tell her you love her and always will, but that you don't love what she is doing."

PAULA Elliott of Wynyard, is married to Lee and is mum to Rachael, seven, and Lucy, four.

"THERE are two issues to deal with here; firstly has your daughter recently become aggressive or is this a long term problem? …


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