Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

From Our 'Kitchen' to Yours; News & Notes

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

From Our 'Kitchen' to Yours; News & Notes

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Q: I just made a pound cake that called for putting it in a cold oven and then turning the oven on. It came out just the way I like it, almost like a Sara Lee cake. Can you bake other pound cakes this way?

I called food scientist Shirley Corriher, whose book on baking science is due out next fall.

So, Shirley: Why the cold oven?

"You want heat from the bottom to make certain things, like pate choux [cream puffs] and popovers."

Heat from the bottom allows the dough to rise quickly before heat from the top causes the dough to crust over and stops it from rising.

"See, you've always got a fight going in the oven. Heat from the top will crust it and hold it down, but heat from the bottom makes it rise quick before it crusts over."

Older ovens started heating from the bottom first, so you could put a cake in and the bottom would get hot before the top.

"Nowadays . . . manufacturers want an oven to preheat in a short time, so it's like a blast oven in there, and the heat is coming from all directions."

Older recipes such as cold-oven pound cakes can be tricky in new ovens, she said. But if the recipe worked well for you, make other pound cakes that way. However, the dense texture of the cake wasn't caused by the cold oven, she said. It probably came from the mixing method used in that recipe.

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Obviously, Susan Scar-borough didn't hang up her competitive cooking apron after taking on the 2006 Pillsbury Bake-Off. The Fernandina Beach woman was one of 25 World Blue-Ribbon award winners in the recent Ball World Freezer Jam Contest. Her recipe for Honey Lime Mango Berry Swirl Jam earned her a year's supply of Ball canning supplies.

Her recipes and other winners can be found at www.freshpreserving. …

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