Cameron Is Entitled to Sue for Breach of Copyright; First Night: Gordon Brown and Wife Sarah at the Guardian Party in Bournemouth. Today His Debut Conference Speech as Leader Got Mixed Reviews

Article excerpt

Peter Oborne, Daily Mail "To the innocent ear, Gordon Brown's speechyesterday was full of reassurances to the natural Tory voters whose support hedesperately needs if he is to secure victory in a general election, wheneverthat might be.

"The much-maligned Tory leader (David Cameron) is entitled to sue for breach ofcopyright for this wholesale and flagrant theft of phrases and ideas.

"Most significantly of all, of course, nowhere in this skilful and polishedspeech did the Prime Minister mention a general election.

"But nobody should be in any doubt that yesterday's oration has made theelection more and not less likely. Gordon Brown will now look weak if he failsto call an election "He will open himself to taunts of cowardice and indecisionshould he turn back now.

More than that, he will hand a desperately needed lifeline to embattled Toryleader David Cameron."

Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

"For the moment, especially if an election is looming, Brown's prime task is toconfirm his political dominance and yesterday's speech did that. But after thepolitics comes the governingand then he will have to offer something larger than the parable of his ownlife story."

Rachel Sylvester, The Daily Telegraph

"This was not a speech that, as the Prime Minister himself said recently ofgreat political speeches 'altered the consciousness of the nation'.

"It could have been a Budget speech rather than an address of a politicianseeking to articulate the hopes and fears of the country he leads, and hopes tocontinue to lead. …


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