Across the Great Divide: Korea's Leaders Shake on It; Historic Meeting: North Korea's Kim Jong-Il, Left, Greets President Roh Moo-Hyun, Who Today Became the First South Korean Leader to Cross the Border to the North on Foot. They Will Hold a Three-Day Summit in Pyongyang

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NORTH KOREA'S reclusive leader, Kim Jong-il, today welcomed his SouthKorean counterpart as he arrived in Pyongyang for a historic summit.

Live TV footage showed President Roh Moo-hyun and his wife, Kwon Yang-sook,crossing from the South on footthe first time a South Korean leader has taken this short but symbolic journey.

Roh shook hands with Kim before the two leaders sat down for three days ofsummit talks in the North Korean capital, in only the second such meeting inmore than 50 years since the Korean war.

President Roh left the South Korean capital, Seoul, early today in a motorcade,accompanied by business leaders, bureaucrats, poets and clerics.

The convoy stopped at the demilitarised zone to allow the president to crossinto the North on foot, as he said that he was aiming for a "peace settlementtogether with economic development".

The 1950-53 war between the two sides has never formally ended, but Seoul haspromoted hopes for a permanent truce. It says this summit may pave the way.

Leaving the South, Roh and his wife stepped across a yellow plastic tape,printed with the words "peace" and "prosperity". …


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