Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

CHICKEN RUN; Warning as Youngsters Risk Lives Dodging Metros

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

CHICKEN RUN; Warning as Youngsters Risk Lives Dodging Metros

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YOUNG lives are being put at risk as youths play a deadly game of Metro chicken.

A group of six or seven were spotted daring each other to run in front of an oncoming train at Kingston Park level crossing in Newcastle.

The shocked driver immediately reported the incident to the Metro Control Room in South Gosforth who called police to the scene - but the youths managed to escape before officers arrived.

Today, Nexus bosses warned the reckless act could be fatal.

Mick Carbro, Metro director, said: "Trespassing on the Metro tracks is extremely dangerous and we want to underline that message today before we have a pointless tragedy on our hands.

"People who think it's clever to muck about on the tracks and on level crossings perhaps don't realise the danger they are putting themselves in.

"The Metro lines aren't a playground and it can be so easy to misjudge the speed of an oncoming train.

"Following the incident on Friday night at the Kingston Park level crossing I want to stress to all youngsters that they risk death by trespassing on our network.

"I'd also like to underline this point to the parents, so that they think twice about where their children are when they go out at night.

"Metro is a very busy railway system which runs through many built up areas where children go out to play. My message to these youngsters is stay safe, stay off the tracks.

"In the meantime we will continue our good work with the police and local schools to highlight the railway safety message. If we can pin point those who have trespassed on the lines then we won't hesitate to take them to court."

Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson, whose constituency includes Kingston Park said: "This is obviously a very stupid and dangerous thing to do.

"They are not only endangering their own lives but also quite possibly passengers as well. I will do anything I can to help Nexus stop this crazy practice". …

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