Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

MUSIC Conductors Composers Musicians Agents Impresarios Singers Directors Producers

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

MUSIC Conductors Composers Musicians Agents Impresarios Singers Directors Producers

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Music of every kind coexists happily in London, from classical toexperimental and clubs to rock 'n' roll - with plenty of room for the simplyunclassifiable. Besides the intrinsic pleasure it brings, music is also worth[pounds sterling]1.5bn to the our economy. Here are the people plucking the strings


Lucian Grainge, 47 UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP INTERNATIONAL, CHAIR AND CEO With thebiggest market share in the UK, being the boss of Universal Music involvesshifting seriously large quantities of albums. He's got Amy Winehouse,Razorlight, Snow Patrol and Keane, and with imminent buy-ups of other labelsincluding Sanctuary and V2, the company's dominance gets ever stronger.

Thomas Ades, 38 COMPOSER AND CONDUCTOR Won fame with an opera on oral sex andrespectability with Shakespeare's Tempest at Covent Garden. He's a loner andrather shy, but he's also artistic director of the Aldeburgh Festival and insuch high demand as a conductor and pianist that his composing output isthinning out - as often happens to jumpstart British composers.

Sir Simon Rattle, 52 CONDUCTOR Although based in Berlin, where he directs theprestigious Philharmonic, Rattle wields immense influence in his home countryboth personally and through a network of management and media acolytes known asRattlesnakes. His word is law in most music circles and he can name his ownfinancial terms - and he probably needs to after a second divorce costing [pounds sterling]4m.Lives with Czech mezzo Magdalena Kozena and their baby.

Rob Hallett, 49 AEG LIVE (EUROPE), MD As head of the European arm of Americansport and concert promoter AEG, Hallett has been overseeing the most importantaddition to London's live music landscape in years - the O2 Arena. He's alreadybrought Barbra Streisand, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Bon Jovi and the RollingStones to town, and plenty more of the world's biggest stars, including LedZeppelin, are going to follow.

Vladimir Jurowski, 36 LONDON PHILHARMONIC AND GLYNDEBOURNE, MUSIC DIRECTORRejuvenated the Philharmonic, which yields him pole position on the South Bank.Lives half the year in Sussex, where he has bought freshness to Glyndebourne,and half in Berlin, sending his 10-year-old daughter to Rudolf Steiner schoolsin each. Sought by US orchestras, but deeply rooted in Europe. His father,Marek, is a respected conductor in Berlin.

Damon Albarn, 39 MUSICAL POLYMATH Having dominated Britpop with Blur, thenconquered America with the cartoon hip hop of Gorillaz, Albarn composedChinese-style opera Monkey: Journey to the West and created a masterpiece of analbum The Good, the Bad & the Queen. His vocal passion for African musicianshas helped move World Music closer to the mainstream.

Antonio Pappano, 47 ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, MUSIC DIRECTOR A tremendous team playerwho has advanced the careers of British singers while rather neglecting hisown. He ought to be in contention for a big American band but he devotes somuch loving attention to his London company that he has no time to tour.

Bernard Doherty, 57 LD COMMUNICATIONS, DIRECTOR Wherever there's a massivemusic event, Doherty will be backstage with a headset and a clipboard. Hecoordinated media access to Live Aid in 1985, Live 8 and Live Earth, as well asthe Concert for Diana and the Brit Awards. Also represents the Rolling Stones.

David Pickard, 55 GLYNDEBOURNE, GENERAL DIRECTOR A carefully understated figurewho has helped add youth appeal to a toff festival with a bold choice ofdirectors and new-media plans. Was criticised for this season's stark andsanguinary staging of a Bach oratorio, but the Glyndebourne audience is youngerthan ever and the future looks secure.

Ged Doherty, 49 SONY BMG MUSIC ENT UK, CHAIRMAN AND CEO When two of the world'sbiggest major labels merged in 2004, Manchester-born Doherty ended up in chargein the UK. A former booker of punk bands, he has risen through the ranks tobecome the man tasked with Sony BMG's transformation into a more roundedentertainment organisation. …

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