A School Trip to Remember; This Autumn a Group of Pupils from All Saints College Visited Poland and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp under the Leadership of Teacher Jim Fox. Here, One of the Group, Leoni Gill, Gives Her Account of the Impact It Made on Them

Article excerpt

"When I visited Auschwitz, it wasn't what I expected. There is a gate at the beginning which said: 'Arbeit Macht Frei' which means work will make you free.

The guide told us that this wasn't true. Once you walk through the gate there is a railway track on the right. The whole thing had a barbed wire, electrified fence all around it. When you looked straight down all there was were loads of buildings in rows and watch towers around them. Different buildings were used for different things. There was one block where the Nazis would put the people in to starve and then to the room next to it where they were gassed - this was in block 11. It was quite disturbing to go and see because there were still scratches on the walls where the people who were being killed tried to get out.

The other blocks that we visited were like a museum. There was one room full of human hair - there was loads of it! It had all gone one colour from the years and some of it was still in plaits. The other rooms were full of things like shoes, clothes and household objects. …


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