Anarchy and the Midlife Crisis; Spirit of Punk: Rupert Procter (Billy Abortion) and Louise Gash (Julia Ford) in Full Cry at the Bush Theatre

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tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ! Bush Theatre, W12 ***

WE have Johnny Rotten to thank for this. If the former Sex Pistol hadn't gonefor his rumble in the Australian jungle in I'm a Celebrity, playwright MikePacker would most likely not have come up with this rollicking look at an oldpunk band confronting today's degraded celebrity culture. Socking it to The Manis all very well but what price principles when [pounds sterling]200,000 is on offer? Back inthe Seventies, the titular four-pieceBilly Abortion, Marc Faeces, Louise Gash and, er, John Smithclung fleetingly to the ripped shirt-tails of fame. After a gruesome incidentin a Copenhagen hotel room, the group split, never to speak again. But 30 yearson, with Abortion working as a supermarket shelf-stacker, The Man has comecalling.

An American company wants to use Plastic People, the ultimate anti-consumeranthem, to advertise a credit card. Awkwardly, all four band members have toconsent to the project.

Packer, ably aided by director Tamara Harvey, keeps this whizzing along, withtwist following turn in the great corporate sell-out. …


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