Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Balance Best in All Areas of Life; Food

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Balance Best in All Areas of Life; Food

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HOW much attention do you pay to the detail of your daily life? As you clamber out of bed in the morning and make your way blearily to the bathroom, do you examine the water coming out of the tap closely for signs of contamination or do you trust the water company to get it right for one more day?

Do you examine the stitching of your underclothes or bank on it holding together, knowing that if it gives way at least it's happening under your clothes?

Do you always check the oil in your car engine, fill up the windscreen washer water bottle and check for stone chips in the paintwork before leaving the house?

Or do you, like the vast majority of the population, use a modicum of common sense and get through life without becoming completely obsessive?

Because if we're to believe certain quarters, those often referred to as food fascists, we should be measuring and analysing and testing our food before even daring to put it anywhere near our mouths.

I happened to catch some daytime TV this week, and a programme about whether we knew what was in the food we were eating. Ironically, I was in a trendy coffee bar and was made to feel guilty until I started rationalising. On this programme they carried out an experiment by getting an extremely health conscious young lady, at the peak of her fitness, to eat nothing but junk food for nine days - including burgers, kebabs, pizza, a Chinese meal, coffee shop cakes - and then checked to see how she felt.

Surprise, surprise, it hadn't done her much good. However, what they really missed was asking her about the state of her taste buds and the quality of her life due to missing out on so much variety. Somehow this seemed to be researching the blinking obvious. Eat nothing but beef burgers and it's your life that's not balanced, never mind your diet. …

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