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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Lets face it, marijuana is here to stay. Our government has classified it as a class A narcotic without so much as researching its affect on us. They put it in the same class as cocaine, heroin, crystal meth acid and the rest. The truth is it is not even close to any of them. Just ask a cop, or doctor this question; have you ever seen anyone taken to the hospital that has overdosed on marijuana? They will tell you no

I spent thirteen years of my life attending AA meeting and not once did I witness a person that stood up and said, "Hi; my name is Joe and I'm addicted to marijuana." In that time frame every other drug was discussed along with alcohol, but no one ever mentioned being addicted to weed.

I think it is a waste of our tax dollars to house these people in our jails just for the sale of weed. Do I think weed is totally harmless? No, but neither is alcohol. Between alcohol and weed, which one do you think is easier for kids to get there hands on? Weed, because alcohol is regulated by the government and weed is not. Any kid can buy weed on the corner, but it is much harder for them to buy alcohol at the corner store.

The solution is to let the government tax and regulate it as they do liquor and sell it only in liquor stores. This would give the government revenue to fight the real war on drugs.

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With illegal immigration a topic of national debate again, it's interesting to look at how marijuana fits into the debate. About 70 years ago in Texas, the same debate was being waged. Texans didn't like the fact that Mexicans would cross the border and perform menial labor jobs for lower wages. They didn't it that the money wasn't being spent in Texas stores and generating Texas taxes.

The solution was to drive the illegal Mexicans back across the border by making America a less-pleasant place to work. …

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