Barbecue Bubba's Burger Blockade at the US Embassy; No Siree, Bob: The US Ambassador Robert Tuttle and Canteen King Keir Holm Helberg

Article excerpt

DEADLOCK at the American Embassy, where a sacked chef is refusing toclear out until he has been paid.

Keir Holm Helberg, aka Bubba, and American Ambassador Robert Tuttle are engagedin a bitter dispute which looks set to continue indefinitely, as neither partycan agree to the other's demands.

Bubba was the man behind the celebrated Arkansas Cafe in Commercial Road wherehis Maryland-style pit barbecue drew foodies from far and wide.

This summer he gave it up and agreed to take over the canteen at the US embassyin Grosvenor Square with his wife, Sarah Thellusson, but within weeks thecouple had been fired under mysterious circumstances.

Now Bubba, who moved "four trucks' worth" of his catering equipment in when heagreed to take over the American Embassy Employees Association canteen, isrefusing to take his stuff away until he and his wife have been paid. But theembassy is refusing to cough up until they clear out.

"Bob used to come down and enjoy a burger," Bubba tells me, "but I have had itas far as dealing with this situation gentleman to gentleman. …


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