Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keep It Local and Keep It Real in 2008; Food

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Keep It Local and Keep It Real in 2008; Food

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I TAUGHT my daughters that they shouldn't necessarily believe everything they were told. Once they'd left junior school, I instilled into them that, while it's important to respect those in authority, there's nothing wrong, in fact it's positively a good thing, to question that which is being told to them and for them to work out what's real.

That's no excuse to be rude and continuously ask "why?", even though I seem to remember that, as a youth, I did - rather annoyingly. It's just that it's better to use their own judgment and analyse things while taking in what's happening.

I considered this particularly useful advice for when they were first inevitably approached by boys who, even more inevitably, would attempt to lead them down the garden path, so to speak. And my experience as a young man suggests this to be particularly good advice.

It's in my nature to question what I hear; not necessarily to distrust but to consider what I'm being asked to believe and make my own mind up.

It can be a bit of a bind when, trying to lose oneself in the plot of a film in an attempt to believe that it's real, one finds oneself asking how the director did something or how the actor knew to do what he did.

As a result, a movie rarely moves me to tears, even though I wish it would. But as a result of this attitude I've never, for instance, completely believed what I was being shown on the TV, particularly in "factual" programmes such as documentaries and the news. I've always absolutely known that the shots of the back of the head of the interviewer nodding away at the interviewee have usually been bogus and put on after the interview was recorded.

And I find it almost an insult when sounds are added to nature documentaries when you know for sure that they weren't recorded while the filming was being done.

Of course, with TV being an entertainment medium, there's got to be a little magic or slight of hand going on. …

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