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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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From the Los Angeles Times:

About three hours before the Mitchell Report came out, New York's WNBC-TV posted an "exclusive" list of 75 players expected to appear in the report. Forty-one of those players, including the New York Yankees' Johnny Damon, weren't mentioned in the Mitchell report.

Understandably, Damon, who found out he was on the WNBC list when reporters showed up at his father's house, was furious, a little paranoid ("There seems to be some people who don't like me") and maybe a little confused.

"I walk around with my shirt off," he said. "If I had anything to hide, I wouldn't do that."


It seems likely a few pro wrestlers might have tried steroids, and they never seem to have their shirts on.


The Week 17 debate comes to Jacksonville and other select NFL cities.

To rest or not to rest?

There's a school of thought that momentum is key going into the NFL playoffs. And the Jaguars most definitely have it after winning six of their past seven games.

So, they should play the starters into the third quarter and try to beat their hated division foes, right?

No. Momentum going into a football game is about as valuable as bulletin-board material. Those warm, fuzzy feelings last right until somebody hits you in the mouth.

If the Jaguars rest Fred Taylor, David Garrard and many of their other key players, what does it matter if the Houston Texans beat them 35-0?

Would that really be any indication of what the team has done this season or would be capable of doing against the San Diego Chargers or Pittsburgh Steelers?

Obviously not.

The psyche of the Jaguars will survive just fine if the team's second-stringers lose to the Texans.

Houston, already with nothing to play for, had hoped to ruin Jacksonville's season in this game. Now, the Texans don't have that motivation, either.

By benching their starters, the Jaguars can remind Houston that Week 17 is meaningless to them. That's the ultimate bitter pill for a division rival finishing a disappointing season.

But that's just the bonus. …

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