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T-YOU; Everyone's a Critic

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Everyone's a Critic

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So you think Matt Soergel must be on a Sno-cap sugar high when he sees films? Everyone's a Critic lets you play movie reviewer. Here's what "regular folks" think of movies currently playing at the multiplex.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Interstellar warfare descends on a Colorado town in this terrifyingly terrific sequel. This killer thriller pits the aliens against a lone Predator whose objective is to eradicate the green gruesomes and, by chance, human heartfelts. Loaded with all that is alien, Requiem infests the screen with an invasion from the forest into the sewers and inevitably into the sleepy town. The nightmare that ensues is one that even the National Guard cannot stop.

Jason Ward, 28, Arlington

The Great Debaters - This is a great movie, and the time to see it is now. Based on a true story, it moves you beyond words and deserves Oscar attention. More than presenting an argument for debate, it shows the importance of education and equality. Denzel Washington and team are excellent.

Ellen Lord, 39, Southside

Charlie Wilson's War - Tom Hanks may be the name at the top of the marquee, but this is Philip Seymour Hoffman's movie to chew all the scenery. These two are at the top of their games, but sadly, Julia Roberts is just window dressing. Based on the true story of a hard-drinking, womanizing Texas congressman who funneled $300 million into the Afghani fight vs. the Soviets, the whole thing is highly informative and entertaining.

Pat Crandall, 57, West Beaches

I Am Legend - Will Smith's fine performance keeps this film afloat, and he is ably abetted by incredible special effects that depict New York City virtually devoid of human life, with grass growing through concrete and buildings and bridges in ruin. The shots of Manhattan as a graveyard of dead cars are particularly eerie. Even the final battle, which looked like a mix of I, Robot and The Mummy, does not undermine what has gone before.

Tom Daniel, 66, Southside

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets - Kidnapping the president, breaking into government offices and escaping from holding cells never looked so simple. National Treasure 2 is easily as good as the first film. Even thought the plot is the same, the clues remain clever and original enough that audiences will have fun attempting to solve the puzzles right along with the characters. Few filmmakers get things right the second time around. This makes Book of Secrets a treasure in itself.

Mathew M. Riddell, 28, Arlington

Sweeney Todd - This is a musical. A very good musical. But a musical - a fact the marketers have done their very best to disguise. No one so much as hums in the trailers and ads. Stephen Sondheim's music and lyrics are a stretch for the non-Broadway trained voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and the rest of a very fine cast, but director Tim Burton is clearly right at home with the macabre and bloody tale of the vengeful barber. …

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