Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Lost Luggage Doesn't Always Equal a Ruined Vacation

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Lost Luggage Doesn't Always Equal a Ruined Vacation

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My parents like to travel, and since August they have been planning a family ski trip. They spent this past summer in Breckenridge and decided that because their kids wouldn't be home for the holidays, everyone should be together in Colorado the week before Christmas.

I had every intention of giving you readers tips on planning a ski trip. I had never planned one for myself and thought I would share the information I found. However, somewhere between Jacksonville, Memphis and Denver something happened to me that has never happened before - my luggage was lost.

I am normally not a suitcase kind of girl. I am a firm believer in carrying your luggage on and getting the heck out of the airport as soon as possible. I also don't actually own a suitcase. I have a faithful backpack that has taken me all over the world. It has meant a lifetime of speedy departures from airports and little pity for those whose luggage is lost.

Realizing that on this occasion my clothing would not fit into my faithful backpack, I borrowed a friend's enormous, flowered suitcase and proceeded to pack it full. I am talking about every article of winter clothing that I own-sweaters, thermals, pants and boots. Then I packed my ski jacket, ski pants and my husband's ski jacket. I thought "Great I won't have to carry anything onto the plane! I'll walk through the airport with my purse and some magazines that'll be great!" I also thought how nice it would be to go through security and not have to worry about how much liquid I was carrying.

But 24 hours later, I was sitting in my husband's undershirt, the same jeans I wore the day before and a pair of my mother's socks.

I never realized how dependent I am on my baggage, particularly in cold weather. If I were in the Bahamas I would buy a bathing suit and be set for the rest of my trip. …

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