Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

There's a New Special One in Town, but This One Lets His Team Do All the Talking

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

There's a New Special One in Town, but This One Lets His Team Do All the Talking

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AMID what felt like the biggest knees up at the Lane since the days whenChas & Dave would tell of Ossie's knees going all trembly, one man appearedimmune to the glory, glory story. Arms resolutely folded and face not crackingeven half a smile, Juande Ramos just stood silent and emotionless on thetouchline amid all his team's barmy pitch sliding.

As Jose Mourinho impressions go, it was quite hopeless yet what had gone beforesuggested that we really may have another Iberian 'Special One' among us.

Only three months into the job, after his trophy-laden spell at Sevilla, andhere he was taking Spurs back to Wembley, curing the club's eight-year derbydisease and orchestrating a five-goal thumping of the old enemy, a featachieved only twice before in 159 meetings over 98 years. It was enough to havehim canonised in N17; old Jose would certainly have milked it to within an inchof his life.

But though the overcoat may look the same, Ramos is cut from a different cloth.He just wanted to fade into the background, as though almost a littleembarrassed that his side had actually still won nothing yet. A fellow Spaniardtold him to blow his own trumpet because he'd just taught the 'Professor'Wenger a tactical lessonagainyet through his interpreter, Ramos (right) just kept modestly insisting that weshould be hailing the players "who run, who make things happen" but not him.

His team were having none of it, though. "The manager was being his usual calmand collected self and as Keano was spraying champagne in the dressing room, hewas hiding behind the door," said Jermaine Jenas.

"We got him in the end, though ..." I don't know how they dared drench himsince there's an appearance of ruthlessness about Ramos which suggests a hitmannot to be messed with. The sight of Paul Robinson walking stony-faced from thedressing room in the midst of all the celebrations offered a poignant reminderof that.

In a way, the 5-1 scoreline didn't tell the true story of Spurs. This wasglory, glory being built primarily from the gritty, gritty fundamentals oforganisation, commitment, constant pressing and harrying of the opposition. …

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