Facing Up to Our Biggest Challenge; as We Introduce Our Fourth Go Green Supplement, on the Subjects of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Environment Agency Area Manager GRAEME WARREN Writes about Why These Are the Most Important Issues of the Day Sponsored by Environment Agency

Article excerpt


CLIMATE change is now recognised as being one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. Our awareness of it has increased dramatically over the last few years, with evidence of its causes and effects being heard daily.

A recent example that is still fresh in all of our minds is the mass flooding across the UK last summer.

With severe weather set to increase, it is time for us all to start preparing for it. We need to be adapting our lifestyles to reduce climate change as well as adapting to the way it is changing the environment we live in.

Here at the Environment Agency, one of our key aims is to limit and adapt to climate change. Through campaigns such as Go Green and World Environment Day (June 5) we are giving out messages to the public on how they can make a difference.

From being more energy conscious in your home, to saving water (which, after all, uses huge amounts of energy in getting to your tap), to thinking about the things you buy and the transport methods you use, every person has an important part to play.

Never think that you are alone in wanting to make a difference.

You aren't. And if everyone did their bit, it would add up to a huge difference for the environment.

Businesses also have a big part to play. Alongside our Go Green partners, we work with businesses across the region to educate them about their environmental responsibilities.

More than 40% of the carbon dioxide released in the UK comes from industries that the Environment Agency regulates. We consider their energy usage and limit releases of pollutants, and are responsible for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in England and Wales. …


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