Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Breckenridge: A Family Ski Town That's Friendly, Too

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Breckenridge: A Family Ski Town That's Friendly, Too

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Driving to Breckenridge from the Denver International Airport is a bit like traveling back through time.

The journey begins while still in the air above Denver. From the airplane, the concourse looks like a giant circus. The multiple domes jut out into the sky like a futuristic big-top welcoming passengers. Once the plane actually lands and passengers begin the long wait for their luggage, the feelings of wonder begin to fade. Driving away from the airport, onto the highway, the clownish future fades away and is replaced by present day, industrial Denver.

Within moments the city and its reality slip away. Suddenly the highway is a dance between the car and the mountain, and every mile becomes a step back into a simpler existence.

Breckenridge itself couldn't offer a more simple existence. The town built in 1859 has a few main streets lined with turn of the century homes whose gingerbread molding challenges the icicles all winter for space along the eaves. Most of the homes have been converted into storefronts, restaurants and pubs.

Many of the town's residents come from around the world not unlike the early days of Colorado. Walking around the city on sidewalks made of brick, it's easy to feel like someone in the middle of the gold rush. Everyone is a stranger, and they are all in town for one purpose. Now, rather than gold powder, people are searching for white powder on one of Breckenridge's many mountains.

I suppose the search for snow has made the atmosphere a bit friendlier than it was during the gold rush. Instead of untrusting strangers and bar fights, everyone seems eager for a new friend. Every person in every store, restaurant or hotel was chatty, helpful and happy to be there. In all my travels, they were absolutely the nicest people I have ever been around.

The search for perfect powder has made Breckenridge the ideal place for a family vacation. It's more family friendly than Vail or Aspen. There are a few high-end restaurants; (the Hearthstone was a favorite) for the most part authentic Mexican, Italian and traditional pub fare can be found in dozens of family friendly restaurants. …

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