Clinton and Obama Face Bruising Battle for Months before Winner Is Chosen; (1) Too Close to Call: Barack and Michelle Obama Celebrate in Chicago after Taking Illinois. at Her Victory Rally in New York, Hillary Clinton Said: Give Us This Nation to Heal, This World to Lead, This Moment to Seize. Were Ready (2) Say a Little Prayer: Bill Clinton in New York

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THE Democrats were today facing the nightmare prospect of several moremonths without a Presidential candidate after Super Tuesday left HillaryClinton and Barack Obama neck and neck.

For the first time in more than 50 years, the party may not produce a nomineeuntil its convention in Denver, Colorado, in August if the primaries do notproduce a clear winner.

That would give the victor just three months to campaign against John McCain inthe race for the White House in November. The battle for the Demo-craticcandidacy will move to a string of new primaries after last nights con-testfailed to produce a clear lead for either Mrs Clinton or Mr Obama.

As results came in, voters divided sharply along class, age and race lines asMrs Clinton fought off the growing momentum of her rivals campaign.

Her overwhelming support among white women and blue-collar workers helped herstay in front and claim the biggest number of delegates.

But Mr Obamas strong backing among the young, the better-off and those in ruralareas meant his candi-dacy was still very much alive. Although the 46-year-oldsenator from Illinois failed to win big states such as California and New York,he notched up smaller states to ensure that the race now goes on to remainingprimaries.

In a highly symbolic victory, Senator Obama won the battle for the highestnumber of states voting yesterday, com-ing top in 14 out of 22 Democrat races.

His supporters had felt their surge came too late in many areas, but pointedout they slashed Mrs Clintons once-healthy lead in areas such as New Jer-seyand California. His aides are convinced that the longer the race now goes on,the more he can maintain his momentum. If he can pick up delegates over thenext few weeks, the race will go down to Ohio and Texas on 4 March, andpossibly Pennsylvania in April. …


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