Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Darling Sneaks through Rise in Cost of Red Tape; Heavy Weather: Jeremy Paxman Lost out Battle over Forecasts on Newsnight

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Darling Sneaks through Rise in Cost of Red Tape; Heavy Weather: Jeremy Paxman Lost out Battle over Forecasts on Newsnight

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DESPITE all his time spent failing to grapple with the problems ofNational Rock, capital gains tax and the non-doms, Chancellor Alistair Darlingis still sneaking through his stealth taxes on businesses.

The Financial Reporting Council, the Treasurys accounting and corporategovernance watchdog, is to push through a 10% rise in levies on companies tofinance its operations.

A [pounds sterling]350 million market-cap company will this year have to pay [pounds sterling]2290 for thepleasure of funding accounting standards and boardroom rules. The levy,however, looks set to get much larger.

From next year, the Treasury has said, quietly, that it will not continue tostump up its one-third funding commitment to the FRC, which will therefore infuture have to make up the shortfall from the business community

* ASTONISHING assertion in Robert Pestons new book Who Runs Britain? The BBCbusiness editor suggests Gordon Browns friendliness toward private equity waspartly because he seems to have confused it with the very different USventure-capital industry. Peston, who has also written a biography of Brown,says the former Chancellor thought he was backing the sort of firm thatprovided seed capital to fledgling businesses, not the kind that loads up itsacquisitions with debt, and slices and dices the assets.

Brand leader or strip teaser?

GRANT THORNTON is so proud of its new logo. Gushes the accountancys pressrelease: The inspiration is the Mobius strip, discovered by mathematicians inthe 19th century.

Its evolution into the Grant Thornton symbol captures the qualities of acontinuous band that looks three-dimensional, permanent, yet constantlyflexible. It ref lects everything coming together into one cohesive whole.

Theres more. Purple has been adopted as a colour predominately associatedworldwide with leadership, dignity and governance. The brand demonstrates boldand positive leadership, a personal, human approach and clarity in thought anddelivery. One question lads: how many millions did you spend on it?

* TIME for a clean-up of names of renewable energy companies trading on AIM.Who will blink first: Renewable Energy Holdings or Renewable Energy Generation?There is a case for REG to rename itself, especially as its Stock Exchangeticker code is RWE, which is, to add confusion, the name of the German companythat owns npower.

Raised eyebrows over the Rock

* ITS a question thats got to be asked. Could it be that Alistair Darling,left, and new Northern Rock chairman Ron Sandler are related?

Dont bank on transparency

CREDIT Suisse has admitted its traders cant add upmeaning the value of a barrel-load of investments in nasty mortgages wasoverhyped to the tune of $2.85 billion ([pounds sterling]1.46 billion). The shocking admissioncame in a press release from Zurich that highlighted the banks commitment toprovide transparency. …

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