Music: The Puritans Burn Bright; Gig of the Week: These New Puritans

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Byline: Andrew Pain reports

THESE NEW PURITANS, pictured above, have done a lot during their brief existence.

Their debut EP Now Pluvial came about as a result of one intense, 24-hour session in October 2006 in the shed-cum-studio assembled by de facto leader Jack Barnett and his band - twin brother George (drums) Thomas Hein (bass, sampler) and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (synth, sampler).

Recorded in harsh digital audio on to Jack's laptop, the EP was released on 7" vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies by Angular Records, before being made available as a free download for a single day - then deleted.

This is symptomatic of a band whose identity is rooted in mystery, and which first began to emerge in the form of oddly filmed webcasts and a website splattered with cryptic writings and links to pictures of boiling water and trees speeding past car windows.

In early 2007, George was invited to work with Hedi Slimane on his Autumn '07 collection for Dior Homme. A week before the catwalk show, Slimane called Jack to Paris, requesting of him the small task of composing a suitable 15-minute soundtrack.

The resulting Navigate, Navigate showed the band, in only a few short months, to have moved light years on from Now Pluvial. A collaboration in the truest sense of the word, it seemed to draw as much of the resulting press attention as did Slimane's sleek, elegant costumes.

By this stage, the band had begun to earn a strong reputation for their furious live shows - first in dingy east London clubs, and then across the UK and Europe. …