Hold on Here, Legislators Say about New Gator Tag; They First Want Other States to Offer License Plate Reciprocity

Article excerpt


ATLANTA - Florida Gator fans living in Georgia may have a tougher time getting car tags with their school's logo on it if a pair of legislative leaders have their way.

They're miffed that fans of Georgia colleges have a nearly impossible time getting their team tags in Florida and neighboring states. The ruckus started last year when a University of Florida alumni club convinced the Georgia Department of Revenue to begin issuing tags with the Gator logo.

"A 'prestige tag' and a Florida tag are oxymorons," said Senate Majority Leader Eric Johnson, R-Savannah. "Somebody's going to have to explain that to their alumni," he said with a grin.

Johnson and House Majority Whip Barry Fleming, R-Harlem, are pushing a bill that would require reciprocity - for Florida fans in Georgia to have Gator tags, Georgia fans in Florida would need to be able to sport Bulldog tags.

"For a lot of people, it's very serious," Fleming said.

The House Motor Vehicle Committee voted Tuesday to recommend passage of House Bill 1165. It's up to the Rules Committee to decide when it goes before the full House. …


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