Letter: An Argument against Death Penalty and Reason for Church-Goers' Decline; VOICE OF THE NORTH

Article excerpt


THE Rev James Thompson displayed an interesting take on New Testament morality in his letter about the death penalty (Voice of the North, February 25).

With regards to the Christian in the audience of BBC1's Question Time programme last Thursday being against the death penalty, I do seem to recall that "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments. I am also reminded of a quote from Gandhi, a man of real wisdom who was profoundly influenced by the Sermon on the Mount and who said: "An eye for an eye; that way the whole world goes blind."

As for the restoration of the death penalty for proven serial killers, isn't that what the Birmingham Six were? Or Timothy Evans, for that matter? I do think that sometimes people forget why capital punishment was abolished in the first place.

Finally I was struck by the irony of the Rev Thompson talking about the way "Jesus spoke up for a vulnerable adultress". …


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