Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen; Your Shout

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen; Your Shout

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REGARDING the lady asking where Paul Wappat from Radio Newcastle has gone. He is on Smooth Radio now and the frequency is 97.5. He has a show on the afternoon from 4 till 8 and also on a Saturday morning but I don't know about the Sunday. JP, Hebburn.

I WOULD like to reply to DM of Gosforth about the taxi drivers in Newcastle.

I do work for a taxi company that are employing drivers with absolutely no local knowledge. I have spoken to the taxi owner about it and voiced my concerns. They are absolutely not interested. They just care about profit.

Before I got my taxi licence I had to know every pub, club, nightclub, bank, hospital, dental offices, walk-in centres and the names of all the streets in Newcastle.

I can tell you right now all of the professional taxi drivers in Newcastle are up in arms about this. It is disgraceful. Let's have a public naming and shaming of these companies. It is absolutely disgraceful and I will tell you one thing else as well, the safety of the customer means nothing to these taxi companies, absolutely nothing.

I am a professional taxi driver and I really care about my customers. H W.

DOES it really matter what colour the Dome is painted at Whitley Bay? Regardless of the colour, be it pink with blue spots or green with yellow spots, the Whitley Bay whingers will still find something to whinge about.

Chrome it, for God's sake, there are more important issues to be resolved than what colour the Dome at Whitley Bay is to be painted. BD, Denton.

I HAVE rarely read such an uninformed comment regarding Castro's Cuba than by Alan Wright of Whickham. The ordinary people were starving and had literally nothing, Castro cleaned out these criminals and they are still holed up in Miami awaiting an opportunity to descend again on Cuba.

At least under Castro, despite punitive USA economic sanctions, the people are not starving and medical services are excellent and free for everyone. Education from primary level to university is available and the elderly are looked after. How many other Latin American countries can you say that about? …

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