Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Make Up Your Mind to Have More Time

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Make Up Your Mind to Have More Time

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Byline: Maria Murphy

Editor's note: Finding time for family, friends and ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult for many of us.

In this new monthly column, Fernandina Beach resident Maria Murphy will share tips and ideas for simplifying our hectic lives

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Simplicity is about balancing our lives to really make them count. Making small changes and working on those changes over time adds up to transformation in our lives.

One area we often struggle with is our busy schedules. Sometimes it feels impossible to even take a moment to stop and breathe. How many of us have gone through an entire day, only to realize we haven't stopped for a minute?

We can fool ourselves into thinking that we shouldn't take a break. "If I stop now, I'll never start again." But in truth, if we learn to pace ourselves with small breaks, we end up with more energy and focus in the long run.


The "two-minute timeout" is a simple tool we can use to teach ourselves to slow down when we need it. Typically, when we feel pressured and overwhelmed, we react by either pushing ourselves harder - "I have so much to do, I can't stop now." - or becoming immobilized. A classic example would be staring blankly at the TV with remote control in hand as hours pass.

The "two-minute timeout" is neither of those extremes. It is simply taking a few minutes out of your day and stepping away from what you are doing. What happens when you start adding two-minute timeouts to your day? A lot, actually. You begin to appreciate down time. You begin to learn when your body and mind need a break. You begin to see more productivity because you aren't operating in extremes. Another important benefit is to prepare you for the big stuff. …

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