Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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REGARDING the criminal damage at the old shipyards in Wallsend, has common sense in relation to crime prevention gone out of the window?

Why can't the council or the authorities employ a security officer or at the very least place a camera somewhere? Surely, this is not a difficult thing to do to prevent the fire brigade coming out on numerous occasions and the police, over the last two years? JT, Sandyford.

IT'S about Samantha Madgin's murder. I can't understand it and to tell you the truth I am really angry about Jordan Jobson who murdered Sam. Why did she claim Samantha's death was manslaughter when it was murder?

She has got to realise, even though she is young, that other people get life for murder and she should at least serve 25 years for the murder of Samantha Madgin. S, Wallsend.

I DON'T know where George Hershel, of Gosforth, gets his information from regarding big redundancy payments to former job centre staff and civil servants.

I've worked in the civil service for years and I'm still not on my full pay. To get big redundancy payments you have got to be there for years and have been a pension centre manager or a chief executive.

Us poor minions on the frontline can only hope that we may get a redundancy payment at all if we are even made redundant, which is unlikely because they use natural wastage. JK, Byker.

I'VE just been reading about the new Molineux Health Centre in Byker and just would like to ask when the path outside it is going to be finished?

It's only got a thin surface of Tarmac and that's uneven. I'd just like to say it's a disgrace.

The path and the road both run into each other and you have to negotiate bollards outside the chemist. So come on, finish your state-of-the-art centre before advertising. T, Walker.

I READ a report in Tuesday's Chronicle regarding an offence by a man who hit someone on the back of the head with a hammer and fractured his skull. …

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